Advanced Private Photo Session


Here's what you get:


At least two rolls of spontaneously-shot

old-school, 37 exposure, fine-grain, chemical Intuitive photography

captured through twenty thousand dollars worth of the earth's most classic

classic, meticulous German optical engineering

in any situation you desire …

scanned and enhanced with borders and/or altered

into brilliant color, duo, tri-toned, special process

hued, and standard black and white prints

at extremely high resolution (up to 50 megabytes per image)

uploaded into a personal slide show web page

at three creative versions and/or unique crops per image chosen

which includes 4X6 bordered prints of the final results

totaling up to 130 fine art photographs

you could marvel at until

the end of time.


To see some pleased customers’ results

proceed to  http://images.daresay.com/portraits

*Film, developing, scanning and printing is at-cost and

including tax, and tends to add ten to twenty percent

to your total cost.  All negatives remain in possession

of the photographer unless other arrangements are made.



Evanescent Photography